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YSS shock


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anyone here can show me the pic of YSS rear damper???????plezzzz i really2 want to buy it but that damper doesnt sold in malaysia


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they will run out,
even Ohlins have specified the lifetime of their shocks and have to be serviced .


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Here is the Link to the YSS Website.
and,.. which is very rare... it's also in english.


I sent 3 weeks ago an email to them with some questions about their Mono Shock... no reply yet...
but well,... i sent an email to Yamaha... asking for an english User Manual...
they also didn't answer to my mail yet... which is now a bit more than 1 year ago.
Most of the companies here in Thailand don't do much about Customer service or.. after sales service... which is quiet sad or poor.
How is it in MY and Phillippines?
better service there?... or the same?


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ptsch, the only after sales service you can rely on are the modifier shops around town who do these things like shock modifications and tune ups. No hope here in Thailand. I got a small group of handy mechanics at hand already so I dont worry much about after sales bull from the showrooms


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Isn't it unlimited? I mean its reinforced inside the casing which doesn't allow any leaks or get through. Or if I am mistaken someone please correct me.


All shocks will leak... YSS shocks are backed by a 2-year warranty though..

Anyway, fret not, after two years, you can just junk the shock away if its a goner, cos with the pace of technology moving these days, two years down the road, the cutting-edge stuff you have today becomes antique.



goff_d_p said:
has anyone noticed that the YSS and the GOZI rear shock look exactly the same??
Well, according to YSS, Gazi copied their look... Anyway, the new range of YSS looks very different from the Gazis. They look more like Bitubo. Looks great.



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It is true. Gazi did copy YSS because Gazi insn't that great a company, just for looks and vanity. Performance all comes from YSS.


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the best yss is X series, it cost a lot!
th second is yss g series, cost is ok.
the third is yss supershock, cost affordable! :)


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Hi Blue 308, you can use this page:


and type in your bike brand and name and you will get the right shock absorber from YSS, i bought the x-series for about 6 months ago and can really recomend it, i paid about 3500 Thai bath for it.
But i wish i could get one thats 2-3 cm longer because i almost all the time riding together with my wife and my weight is not light :) so the ass of my bike hanging.


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it states there in the yss page that the x series comes in different lengths. 205, 215, 235, 240, 250, 255, 260, 265, 270, 280, 290, 300, 310, 320, 330, 340, 350 and 360 mm. so im wonderin, can i get one in a different length other than the 205 which is for our bikes? im kinda heavy, weighing on ard 100 on the scale, so when i sit on my bike now with my yss o series, it kinda drops, all i can do is set it to the highest click. im wonderin whether i can get one ard the length of 235? is it possible? anyone any ideas?


thanks traxxas and falangrider for the info. Let me see what is available in my area. I have yet to order overseas.