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Yamaha Vixion Valve Adjustment Settings


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I have mounted the vixion big bore ;)
The motor from r125 is the same .
The black piston is oem r125
The polished piston is vixion oem .


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Is the complet set , gasket+piston .
Fit perfectly , the motor from the r125 is the same to the r15 and vixion , just with 25cc less .
Now i need just to perfect the injection with the pc3.
But work very well with the camshaft .


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Yamaha Vixion service manual

traxxas-modifier said:
haen said:
i use 0.10 IN and 0.15 OUT.. great power but a bit wasting gas when the cam at overlap phase.. hey.. can i get that service manual ?
what service manual bro?
this one? :D
yes bro, the one you hold, did you also buy the F1 Diagnostic Tool or just the manual ? How much is the price bro ? thanks :roll:


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Hi guys

from the vixion service manual

it says that the

intake = 0.10 - 0.14mm
exhaust = 0.20 - 0.24mm

my question is if we use the vixion block to t135
with vixion camshaft

do we have to use the vixion valve clearance setting
or the T135 valve clearance setting?
has anyone tried this in 0.10 ex 0.20 with vixion camshaft and vixion kit installed on their t135..