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Yamaha T135 Electrical Wiring Diagram


Staff member
does the diagram have detail??i mean that this wire go here..and that wire goes there...where the wire goes n end...


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sir just want to ask where is the switch for dimme light and headlight i think its blue yellowred and blue black it dont mention to the diagram need help here thanks it mentioned to the right handle bar switch only a starting push botton switch see thru it number 7 only a starter botton


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thanks for the diagram but the right handlebar switch only has Start button switch.is their a diagram that has Parklight,headlight switch included in right handle bar?

i have a project to do..please upload here

thanks a lot


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modifier said:
Yamaha T135 Electrical Wiring Diagram

This is the wiring diagram for Yamaha Spark Sniper Jupiter MX Exciter 135 motorcycle.

This electrical wiring diagram is complete with wiring color coding to help you in troubleshooting/installing accessories for your motorcycle.

YOU NEED TO REGISTER in order to download the PDF wiring diagram.