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Yamaha Sniper Mx Classic, X1r Unity Ride


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Does anyone know who was the guy with the DSLR camera at Total gas station in Pilar that took pics of Zbitik, Nyro, and myself?

If anyone knows, please ask him if he can please post them.


Like they said, a big congratulations to all, what a wonderful time with a great group of riders whom i call "friends". For those of you I met in person, thank you so much, i really enjoyed putting faces to names from here. For those others that were there please approach me during the next one, don't be shy, as this old "kano" is all about riding and enjoying the Philippines.

In the states, there are actually fewer motorcycle "brothers" on the roadways so when riders pass each other we usually nod our heads or thumbs up to acknowledge them. Everyone seems to do this to each other no matter what you brand of bike is unless your on a Harley Davidson or a BMW. The Harley guys think that anything not made in the USA sucks, and the BMW guys are just plain arrogant thinking they are better than those on other styles of bikes.

This division is total BS in my opinion cause the point is we all have the same passion, and that's being on 2 wheels so I dont care what your riding as long as your riding.

Just my .02 cents after a good cup of coffee :D, guess i am awake now, lol.
very well said bro!! ..


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Me too paps, as soon as i get back on Philippines soil we will ride!!!
Raven bro,,,, i have Viber turned on to my PI cell # , so even here in Afghanistan i can receive phone calls and text if you guys try to reach me man. Miss you guys !!

Oh yea, if you saw my thread about snow in Angeles City,,, i rode that 200 cc dirt bike today here, what a feaking dog, no balls at all,,,, i gave it hell in our private compound and it was not really even fun.... LOL.

Went to their verision of SM today, freaking about 10 locked doors before they let you inside even, but once inside you felt safe. Crazy place here man, but cool that i can drive around and see things without being a big target wearing a uniform.

FYI, they have KFC here, but it's Kabul Fried Chicken, lol.....
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