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yup...we'll be on it..as you can understand the road near the "point" is still under construction...will post one in a few days when everything is back in shape.


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Its good to see the website has made a specific area for us, Maldivians! :)
I am a huge fan of Yamaha t135 from Maldives and I visit this website almost everyday to checkout the bikes!
I'm looking forward to own the new Yamaha t135 2011 model at the end of this year insha allah and get some ideas about customizing it with the help of this website! :D This place is pretty cool!

p.s guys upload more pics of Maldivian Yamaha t135s! x)

Cheers! :rolleyes:


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Hey I have got some pictures, so thought of sharing with everyone.
Ps. I dont own these pictures.

And yeah, Maldivian t135s are pretty much stock, but there are a few fully upgraded ones! :)


Cool bike bro! could you upload clear pics of the bikes tail? looks pretty awesome. and how come i haven't seen this around male'?
Will upload clear pictures... well i living in addu city and my bike is in addu city... at the moment my bike is the most upgraded t135 in addu city... :)