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Welcome to Maldives Bikers Forum


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Welcome to Maldives T135 Bikers Forum

thanks to Maldivian Bikerz for informing that theres T135 in the beautiful island of maldives.
anyway, maldives is located near malaysia and sri lanka

maybe our friend Maldivian Bikerz can show more about maldives

for the map, of Maldives its here
Maldives Google Map



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nice bike bro, like the wheelie, i hate it when the governments have to put a plate number in the front, where lucky in the philippines ehe
yeah we can put sticker on the front plate.. dont u know how to wheelie :) besides i need to replace the oil filter. right now there's a little difficulty while wheeling.


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Hi im new to this kick-ass forum(you rock!), Can't believe LC135 is such a phenomenon in South East Asia and now South Asia. Looking to lend a hand in which ever way possible ;)


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ive got 3 design coversets just imported from Indonesia.. selling in Maldives just PM me ill get back to you.



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welcome maldives friends...mwaaaaahhhhhhh :D :D :D that's the way you do it..aha aha...NICE wheelie!!!


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Welcome to Maldives YamahaT135...

@ bro traxxas
Here's a sample of wheelie on T135..
[flash width=425 height=344]http://www.youtube.com/v/J7P05l41544&hl=en&fs=1[/flash]


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Yo.. did nobody mention Maldives had its very First Racing event which was very successful and our Jupiter MX kicked ass.. and made people really take notice :D