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the difference.....


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definitely.....if you can get the thai yamaha filter thats good,but if you get the one that distributed by singapore yamaha u might need to take a really close look to the box....careful....fake filter means disaster to your engine as the cartridge doesnt meet the standard quality of yamaha...i also found that the spark plugs did have imitation,i'll upload it soon.....this is for our sake...

if you have found other imitation parts please share with us here.....


Staff member
HLY colour yellow...but beware the fake 1 also yellow but more light yellow...

better use ori thai...
it is not too orange and not too pink(i think)
but its orange in colour..

hope that help


when we change our filters we should always check our oils are flowing through our filters. there are a lot of fake parts in the market today, we should be very careful in choosing.