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T135 Sprocket Gear Specs with Real speed

Krysler Mekell

New Member
Help me please.. I'm just a newbie using snipee. I want to change sprocket combi stock 70/90-17 100/70-17. We weight about 110kg. If solo drive just around 60..


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Hi ! I'm from VietNam, sorry i'm not good at English much :)
My bike is Yamaha Exciter 2011 (Sniper - Jupiter Mx 2011), all stock !!!
I have two type of wheel:
---The first one, i use a standard wheel (front: 17 x 1.6, rear: 17 x 2.5), and standard tire (front: 70/90, rear: 100/70) and of course standard sprocket 14-38.
---The second one, i use a Yamaha ZR125's wheel (front: 17 x 1.6, rear: 17 x 1.85), and standard tire (front: 70/90, rear: 100/70) and of course standard sprocket 14-38. The ZR125's is much heavy than the standard wheel. Tire Circum-ference is little bigger than the standard wheel.
My question is, should i use sprocket 14-39 for the second tybe of wheel (ZR125) ?, does it decrease my top speed ?


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Lc 135 (AC )15-39 sprocket combi with tires 70-90-17 & 100-80-17
Only HGM Gp type Exhaust was Installed i hit 130kph in my speedo.
Right now I converted it to Manual and Still On Break In with Vixion kit...
Hope this runs better with 15-42 combi after Break in :) (with RCDI yet bigger tires)


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Hello i from malaysia. Just bought 135lc 5 speed 2014. All in standard part. What the best spocket to get top speed.:help:


if you will base on the stock wheel exterior, perhaps the reading of traxxas is quite different from stock since he is using bigger wheels compared to the stock wheel. Further, if you change your wheel size, it will also affect the centripetal acceleration, means, the bigger the wheel, the slower the pivot point (hub) rotates..