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Survey for T135 Members.


New Member
Hi All,
Just want to know basic id for our members.
Can we stated below:
Full Name :
Nickname :
Age :
Start using T135 :
Location :
Contact number :

Start from Me.

Full Name : Mohd Zafri B Jahir
Nickname : Zap
Age : 24
Start using T135 : 11Feb2007
Location : Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia
Contact number : 012-7319519


Super Veteran
Full Name : youngki kurniawan
Nickname : rooster
Age : 26
Start using T135 : march 2006
Location : sidoarjo, east java - indonesia
Contact number : +6231 7111 5151 n +6281 758 7454 ( SMS )


Super Veteran
Full Name : Azroy
Nickname : Tsunami
Age : 27
Start using T135 : 14.7.2006
Location : Penang
Contact number : 0195766174


Super Veteran
Full Name : Tony Crossley a.k.a Tone.
Nickname : Mio
Age : 22
Start using T135 : 28-12-2006.
Location : Pattaya Thailand.
Contact number : 086-8449337
Full Name : Ika Wisnu Wardana
Age : 25
Start using T135 : Nov 2005
Location : Jakarta Indonesia
Contact : 62 856 2149 xxx (hehee sorry)


Full Name: Tito Perlta
Age: 43
Start using T135: June 2006
Location: Bataan Philippines
Contact: +639178079220

Mas Catoer

Super Veteran
Fullname: Catur Budi
Age: Aged
Start riding MX: Jan 2007
Location: Solo, Indonesia
Contact no: +628122599964 (GSM)

My Brother Visits Thailand oftenly (Toyota Factory Site Manag.)
But I haven't even once, hope soon..!


Super Veteran
Full Name : Mohd Shakir Mohd Khalid
Nickname : justkir
Age : 25
Start using T135 : March'07
Location : Shah Alam, Selangor
Contact number : +60173382112


Super Veteran
Full Name : Daniel Paul Goff
Nickname : what ever you want
Age : 33, going 34
Start using T135 : October 9, 2006
Location : Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines, but from Rhode Island USA
Contact number : +639273920925, [email protected]


Super Veteran
Hey Goff. HOw long you been living in the Philipines? Have you ever been to Thailand? Is it true that we can call you whatever we want as you stated in your profile above? Can I call you Goff the Boff? :D


Super Veteran
well my last name is Goff, if you truly want to call me anything, Dan or Daniel is fine, i've been here in PI sence 2001.


Super Veteran
That's a long time Donny :D

I've been here since 2004 and and so far things been alright. Fell in love straight away and now have 2 kids with a decent Thai girl. I'm basically a semi army brat and a working class Foreigner living here.

I've noticed alot of members here from places like Malaysia and Indonesia, but just me from Thailand...AND the Thai websites for the Yamaha motors and other various forums have alot of pictures taken from this website and posted on theirs, the least they could do is to JOIN THE DAMN BOARD as well!

Don't forget, in Thailand, English is terrible!


Super Veteran
Full Name : Rudduan Jaapar
Nick : ruDDz
Age : 20++
Start using 135lc : Jan 2007
Location : Muar , Johore
Contact : 012 6485007