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SOS members Code of Conduct:

1. Never give out any information about SOS itself to outsiders specially if it’s not a regular acquaintance of SOS, this includes but not limited to SOS location, #of members, SOS basic infos, etc. IF someone outside SOS has a question, refer them to a Clubs officer/coordinator or senior member.

2. No talking about SOS Club business to persons outside the club.

3. SOS Officers/Coordinators/Members must not hold an officer or similar position and should not belong to another similar or competing Club/Organization.

4. SOS Officers/Coordinators/Members will never start any kind of competing club/organization.

5. SOS Officers/Coordinators/Members must hold and maintain SOS public Image and SOS club perspective.

6. SOS Officers/Coordinators/Members must not commit an act that will give negative or unfavorable manner to SOS image.

7. SOS Officers/Coordinators/Members must have Duty of loyalty to SOS club and its members.

8. No SOS Officers/Coordinators/Members will take the attitude that he doesn’t have to help others. Here, in SOS everybody must help each other especially on time of need. SOS is a family.

9. No SOS Officers/Coordinators/Members will go against anything our Club has voted for and passed.

10. No Member will get together on their own and plan something for themselves especially on SOS rides. It must be brought up to the whole club and the whole club will participate in anything that is decided upon.

11. The Club will always stay together on Rides, Runs, Parties, Events, Etc. The only way that a member will be permitted to leave the main group is to notify the officer in charge. When it’s time to leave, the club will leave together. Anyone will stay behind or leave early for a good reason will do so at his own risk.

12. SOS Officers/Coordinators/Members should not use SOS club Name for one’s benefit.

13. SOS Officers/Coordinators/Members must promote motorcycle safety & Road Discipline by Example

14. SOS Officers/Coordinators/Members must promote Brotherhood and Camaraderie amongst themselves.

15. MC “Golden Rule” if you give respect, then you’ll get respect. If you act with disrespect then you’ll be treated with the same.

Approved by SOS CLUB OFFICERS & SOS B.o.D.


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SOS Membership:


1. At least 18 years old

2. Must pass a 70% affirmative votes from the active members to be fully pledge

3. Should be referred by a full pledged member. If no referrer, there must be one full pledged member that will act as his sponsor until he becomes a certified member. Sponsor will be the one responsible for the newbie.

4. Must possess a Street Legal Yamaha Sniper T135 bike

5. Member of Yamaha Club and has its I.D...

6. Disapproved members cannot re-apply.

3 phase of membership:

1. Hang-around/newbie(H.A./noob)-
1 month period = Not yet a member or representative of the club. SOS and hang around has no claim/responsibility to each other. This is the time where H.A is sizing up the club and ask if he want to be one with the club. Also, it’s the time the club sizing them up and ask if the noob is what they want. At this point there is no string attached to each other and dishonor if one will back away from the deal.

2. Prospect/Probi/Aspiring member- 3 month period =
after the hang around period, The officers/active members shall pass a 70% affirmative vote if the said noob should continue to this phase of membership. This is where the probi really get to know more about the club its members and its organization and By laws.

Probation is not an initiation. It is a period of time that is sustained until the person, in every sense, conducts himself with the respect that is mandated to be a SOS Full pledge member. It’s a time in which:

• The attitude is conditioned so that he/she displays a sense of responsibility and respect toward other member/s of the club.

• To get in to the habit of participating.

3. Full Pledge members- 6 month period =
a period where in the Clubs Officers/BoD will make a decision if a probationary member has passed the clubs standards or not.
Membership status:

- Senior member =
at least 3 year active club member.

-Junior member =
at least 1 year active club member.

-in-active member =
member who has been absent or does not participate on clubs activities for 3 months. When a member becomes in-active, his name will be put in the SOS in-active list. after Paying the corresponding dues and become active again in SOS Activities, only then he will be put on to the SOS members active list.[/color][/color]

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