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SOS & NOS Reunion Ride 2010 With PICTURES


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thihs time pre lets enjoy the ride...wag lang me kakanang CBR cool ako :D

pics to para slide show sa anniv...

ride safe...
eh hindi ka naman nag eenjoy pag hindi mo nakakana yung CBR eh. hahaha =) peace...

safe speed lang tayo para hindi maka iskor. hehehe ... julalay lang. may daga na tayo sa dibdib eh.


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Destination: Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, Tayabas Quezon
When: August 28, 2011
Meet up: Shell Pugon, Marcos H-way
Call Time: 5am
Time of take off: 6am

Estimated time of travel(One Way) with pictorials, Gas stop and depends on the number of attendees as well - Give or take 3-4 hours
ETA @ Palaisdaan, 10am, we can have our lunch by 1030am....12nn or 1230pm Take off to Manila
ETA to Manila 4PM

1- Marcus
2- Buster
3- Mac
4- Wills
5- Chowie
6- Jason
7- Mars
8- Chris
9- pepe
10- andi69 (lista na kita ate)
13- Denz
14- Rye
15. papabong
16 FFV
17 nouvoista
18-SpeedM - Nilista na kita...ang tagal mo eh...naga ano kapa
19. Undah-Bone
20, roadtrip
21. raider125jeigh
22. Mingomz

yung mga hindi pa po naka lista.... lista na...

check MCP thread... GO!!!GO!!!GO!!!


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Due to Typhoon Mina and non stop rain all over Metro Manila and nearby provinces...As much as we want to pursue our scheduled ride, Tomorrow's ride to Palaisdaan is CANCELLED. Let's reschedule it and have it decided here in the forum.

Safety of the riders will be again is the main priority. Hope you guys understand

Will be sending SMS now to all Riders who listed here in this thread

Thank You

Ride Safe