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SNIPER150 Big Bore Kit 60mm

Plug and play ba ang 60mm ba bore sa Sniper150?

I mean here's my take on it, a Mio can go to 115cc to 159cc just by installing a 59mm bore. That's a huge leap. Kaya inissip ko na pwede ren. Can some one correct me if Im wrong?


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oo pero advance tech na yan. mag pa re file na ng ecu dahil ecu type na ang mga 150. sa mio 2valves lang yn pero nag iiba sila injector no idea sa holes pero since yung snipar topic 3 lang ang dinag dag kaya baka pede ang stock injector. di naman ganun nakakatakot sa highcomp ang sixty bore dahil 4valves ang snipre.
Quick update:

I just installed a 60 mm steel bore on my Sniper150 MXI.

1.) Need to break in the engine as its a steel bore. Roughly 500 KM
- touring set up, head and base gasket are install (manual tensioner)
2.) I had my stock ecu reset to account for the new AFR. Its now set at 14.7:1. (There was a lot of back fire before I had this done)
- there's a shop in Muntinlupa near ChinaBank that can do this for you for around P350.

Note, Im still using stock internals

All in all, youre looking at 166cc touring set for a sniper. Roughly around 16 to 17 hp, but more if you can get it dyno tuned at Caloocan.
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