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Sniper R- Edition with Valentino Rossi


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The R-edition of the already widely-known YAMAHA flagship model SNIPER is now released.
The body is decked out in "Racing Blue" the official YAMAHA race color.
The design also features the speed BLOCKS which are the face of YAMAHA as it
takes on the rest of the world and are a true embodiment of the notion that R="RACING".
That is why it has been labeled with the "R" which is restricted to only few limited models.



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ako lang din nagpost nun paps..magkaiba id ko dito at dun eh..hehe

Limited edition daw to,,,


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ang alam ko sir, ung kulay lang at ung sticker ang pinagkaiba,
pansinin mo ung likod na fairings ay un sa left and right cowlings. blue na sya..ung satin black na may sticker n blue lang..


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baka may modification sa makina.. eto yung tinatanong ko kay traxx sa Sniper 2009 model na thread...


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hi guys speak english please for our worldwide friends.

wow rossi edition :)

is there a difference in the engine?
hopefully much bigger carburetor..
if elegance and mio 125 have 26mm carb
sniper should have 28mm carb


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i saw the sniper R-edition at the Yzone yesterday. from the looks of it, same displacement (134.4cc), same engine.

i think they've only change it's color. (sorry, forgot to take some pics)


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@@@ i just got my snioer last december of 2009 i dont know if its the R-edition but my ride has a diferent sticker and color from the previous models. the sticker its kind like a flame and the color of its side cowlings and front mudguard is red,and the whole body kit is black...i just got it from NORKIS GAPAN CITY...ang pinang hihinayangan ko eh c Rossi kasama sa Pics nya.....hehehehehe


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yung bagong sniper yung nklagay na r-edition sa sticker nito.. sa baba mismo ng "SNIPER". same price sya sa dating snipee..