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Rear Disc Conversion For 135lc


New Member
Hi guys have any one of you successfully convert 135LC v2 4 Speed rear drum brake to disc? I mean standard 135 LC 5 Speed disc system, not 125Z one. The thing is I want a totally standard 5 speed rear disc brake look, nothing more, with the wide rims and tire.

What I have now:

1. Calliper
2. Master cylinder
3. Pedal
4. Disc
5. Hose

I've yet to buy the smaller things like the screws and whatnot I'm planning to get it sometimes next month.

By the way, all the above parts I've bought at Yamaha Sg Buloh, standard LC 5S parts.

To mount the calliper, I know I probably need to have the mechanic drill and weld the nut to the swing arm if I want to achieve standard look, or I could buy a bracket (ugly)
Or should I buy 5S swing arm?
I was afraid new swing arm requires me to buy a new hugger too. It's not gonna stop there.

And how to securely mount the master cylinder to the chassis?

The above parts already cost me RM500+ but my emphasis is safety and I don't want to skimp on it. I know I could get a local one cost like RM200. Not gonna risk it though.
Primary focus totally standard indistinguishable 5S rear disc brake look.
Btw I also already have 5S rims

You guys have any opinion?