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Racing Camshafts & Tips And Tricks


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Thinking of cms cam and cms 6 speed gearbox with UMA hyper clutch 5 spring (to handle the extra power demands),
THis current spec of my bike;

Yamaha Exciter 2011 5 speed (T135 in Vietnam) 183cc

UMA super-head (sport) 23mm inlet/20mm exhaust
UMA cam
63mm Malossi bore kit
Malossi Electric coolant pump
28mm Keihin PWK carb
Nology Pro-fire coil
nology Hotwire lead
Iridium spark plug
Shorai Lithium Ion battery
DNA airfilter (top completely cut out of air box)
Stainless header pipe (with modified standard muffler approx. 33mm end bore)
Oil cooler (KTL Tecnic)
Stainless steel oil filter (FLO)
Racing clutch springs (Std. plates)
RCDI (Red Plug)(Thinking about UMA / IMC or BRT) 15F/41R sprockets (Hoddaka)
Chain (428 VX DID)Standard front forks
295mm front disk (RB) with standard caliper
RPM rear mono shock (rebound adjust)
std. rear disk and caliper
Tires F; 70/90 R; 100/80 Michelin Pilot Street

diego latigo

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my carb was Uma 28 with 36 and 112 jets..needle 2nd to the top paps..

sir i installed my old keihin 24mm with stock jets.. (yung kasama talaga nung binili).. the problem is.. when i reach 100kph, parang sinisinok saglit then go ulet.. also kapag binigla mo bira yung throttle, even in a first gear sinisinok sya.. pero kapag pinisil mo konte clutch umaayos takbo.. di naman sya ganun sa stock carb ko di sya sinisinok pero lost compression naman.. hahaha... do i need a bigger carb pa? or maybe i need a stage 1 cams muna? not the stage 2 atm? btw i am using stock bore pa.. pero i have plan to go atleast 60mm bore kit...thanks


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Pa help naman po for my sniper classic HC 2010 model.. nag modes po ako 57mm pocketed piston ng sniper 150, carb koso evo 28mm, cams FAITO s4 turbo, cam gear ng pitspike, clutch spring CRG, valve spring FAITO.
ask ko lang ung modes sa valve spring ang dali pong lumuwag tik tik tik ung sound pag ka abot ng mga 1 week.. pa advice naman po kung san ako mag adjust thank in advance.
Im using UMA R3 ( 6.8 lift ) Narrow LSA and CMS 6.0 lift) wide LSA. For 65mm bore, 34mm throttle body and 24/22 head..
Here is my comparison base on my experience ( PROS AND CONS)

UMA R3 6.8 lift
Suffer idle vacum and poor idle quality
Decrease torque on Lower RPM range
Increase High RPM powerband
Ideal for racing use

CMS 6.O lift
improved idle quality
increase torque on Lower RPM range
increase torque on MID RPM range
Decrease torques on High RPM range
Ideal for racing and everyday use

Im using CMS for my current set for my daily use purposes to retain my idle quality specially on traffic conditions..
Both cams are good, but it depends on its purpose and use..