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Racing Camshafts & Tips And Tricks


Hey Guys,
Just thought I'd give you a couple of basic tips and tricks on camshafts
and a very brief instructions.

DISASSEMBLING (for newbies)
Obviously If you follow the service manual things will be much more easier and smoother, But after striping all the plastics and draining the water and removing radiator. You will be getting prepared to take the rocker cover off and the water pump unit. (the water pump unit can come off with out disassembling the unit with only removing 3 bolts...top right bolt, top left, and bottom left bolts.)

After that take the 2 bungs out of the side cover and turn it over to TDC mark the timing on the camshaft sprocket ..(even though there is timing marks already just mark your own anyway)

Take out the cam sprocket carefully dont drop anything inside the engine ( to do that remove Cam chain Tensioner first ) then the camshaft (put a bolt in the camsahft and then pull on the bolt...it willl pop out easy)

The best way i found was use my Fly-wheel Puller (about 30usd) i can remove and install bearings with this just be very careful not to leave any markings ...Heres a photo.Photo-0070.JPG

All camshafts shall be greased up by something before there first start up.. a lot of people use grease but some greases don't dissolve so well so you could start our motor up and the grease COULD clog up oil galleries and end up resulting and severe engine failure.
The best thing to use is Vaseline (the stuff single guys are hiding under there beds) it will dissolve well and will be enough for the engine start up until the oil gets to the cam:D
Like so...

Smear over both Lobes.

INSTALLING (for newbies)
Install the camshaft, camshaft sprocket (re-aligned with timing marks) take the bung off the camchain tensioner and turn the Flathead screw the tensioner should wind back in then fit this back on,
time for the Valve clearances, each cam will be different but it should be close to 0.10 intake and 0.16-0.20 outlet (measurement in Metric..Just for those newbies:p ).
after that it is time to put everything back together everything shouldn't be a problem then fill your water back up and start it up..

Hope you enjoy your bike after this,
depends on your riding style and bike setup which cam shafte you will like but heres a couple ive ried now.

1.CMS camshaft High lift
2.Uma Racing High lift
3.Malossi Power cam
4. Stock


If you got any question feel free to ask.


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your all so unlucky never tried faito lowcam it will beat all ur cam that had been tested
try it so u will know
Hi rowan i also have that cam, but i have never tried it yet. I know that the lift of cms and faito low cam is the same but maybe the duration is different.

rowan if i used the low cam can you give me tips or suggestions regarding to the setup that i am going to make?

-stock piston.
-re-phase 1mm or 1.2mm
-3mm valve pocket
-Rvalve spring

My concerns regarding the mods, valve will not kiss the piston if i used the lowcam to this kind of setup??
suggestions please! eager to setup my bike. :help:


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sir sir rowan on stock bore 4mm piston pocket is it ok for cms cam and how can i silence the tiktik sound??? what would be the valve clearance?


your all so unlucky never tried faito lowcam it will beat all ur cam that had been tested
try it so u will know
Your a negative bent for the God you think you are.:thumbsup:
ill continue to experiment for fun, well you wank on about your AWESOMENESS much better parts all the time.....Eat my dust.

Got a mate with a flow bench now hes a 70yr old dutch mechanic and has been doing motocross and sportbike cylinder heads his whole life ! he has his own CNC and milling machine many other tools aswell , cant wait to return back home


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HEY GUYS!" Share your opinions not your emotions":D peace everyone wer all brothers here...:angel::hug:
sorry off topic!!!


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ha ha cool guys sir rowan could the faito lowcam be paired with the cms vspring? will the metal wont deteriorate like the turbo of faito?is locam advance timing like cms that at stock setting is retard. pls. pm me if you dont want to share it here


... ... i just rely only on results u said cms beats them all but it prove me its not better than what ive said
I think he was referring to the CMS is the best of his personal inventory (Malossi, UMA, Vixion). Not the "best" cam that is available. We all know there are a lot of cams on the market. I think some of cam choice comes down to what the user wants for power. What my #1 choice of cam is, might not be what the next guy chooses. Everyone has a little different motor set-up and different riding styles. Part of what makes modding so fun, trying many different combinations to find what suits you. :hug:


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To Rowan - Chill bro. :)
You use the Faito Lowcam Advance, can i know about the marking that u use when installing this Cam? Should be std marking or advance?
Btw, What HKholic said was true, he (xclickclickx) refer to his own personal cam collector.

P/S - There a lots of cam out there, CMS, YY Pang, MDS, Popeye, GT Racing, Ride It, ETC.


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Regrinded Cams is better. my 1st camprofile cams looks like the malossi power cams. Ive got a new regrinded cams better than my first.:)