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nid help to my snipey


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mga sir's ask lang ako sa onting problema ko, bat pag iniistart mc ko lage umiilaw ung red?i mean nagrered xa pag pupush button na ung start.tpos ang hirap andarin. kick n lng gngwa ko, tapos pag off ko my tutunog sa loob na parang bakal na nagsasalubong ang lakas.


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sir how long have your sniper been with you?

- the red light on the panel is a signal for electrical problems, it automatically turns on when you start your bike up and turns off after a few seconds, if stays lit, that when you have problems.
- it's quiet normal for a motorcycle to not start immediately especially when it's new, you may need to use the choke to start it up and turn the choke off after a few minutes, you may want to use good quality oil and iridium spark plugs for easier start up
- the clicking sound is also normal for our bike i'm not excatly sure what it is but there shouldn't be any problem with it, i hear it from other snipers and even mine

hope this helps, let's wait for other replies...