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tlaga sir? how can u tell na same lang ang price pag dating d2? if maganda review nito bbenta kona c old snipy! whehe!


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please speak english as respect to the Thread Starter.

wow thanks for the pics vhanz, The T135 members appreciate it...

can you post pic if they use the same Chassis Brackets for the engine.
just to know if its possible a direct engine swap of the New engine to a old model chassis


Jval Zkie

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nice one traxx hope that the engine is plug ang play also to the old chassis. if it fits can we buy engine only? :D


the 2010 model is still the same as the 2006

except for the decals.

and the other 5 clutch lining hehe


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it will not be declared as 79K in philippines, consider the taxes of the item. so it will be more than 79,000 pesos.


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How much would the engine cost? I've got my new sniper 4 gears. I'll just replace the engine if possible. :)


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Machine Type : Step 4, 4 valve SOHC, liquid cooled
Diameter Measures : 54.0 x 58.7 mm
Cylinder Volume : 134.4 cc
Arrangement of cylinders : Single Cylinder / Vertical
Compression Comparison : 10.9: 1
Max Power : Manual Clutch: 9.21kW / 8500rpm | ATCW: 8.93kW / 8500rpm
Max Torque : Manual Clutch: 12.14 Nm / 6000 rpm | ATCW: 11.79 / 6000rpm
Lubrication System : Wet
Engine Oil : Total 1150 Litter | Litter Regular 0.94
Transmission : Manual Clutch: Return, 5 Speed ​​(1-N-2-3-4-5) | ATCW: 4 Speed ​​Rotary (N-1-2-3-4-N)
Clutch : Manual Clutch: Wet, manual clutch, Multiplat | ATCW: Wet centrifugal clutch, Multiplat
Frame Type : Diamond
Front Suspension : Telescopic
Rear Suspension : Swing Arm, Suspension Monocross
Brakes Front : Disc
Rear Brakes : Disc
Front tires : 70/90-17M/C 38P
Rear Tire :100/70-17M/C 49P

Length x Width x Height : 1960 mm x 695 mm x 1080 mm
Seat Height : 775 mm
Distance Between Wheels : 1255 mm
Distance to Land : 130 mm
Tank Capacity : 4 Liter
Fill Weight : 116 kg

Price: Rp. 16,515,000, - (Clutch | Manual Clutch)
On The Road Prices for Jakarta area.


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hey,nice to know u!
can I ask u 1 thing?!!I got myself this bike but in VIETNAM,and the original decal is fucking ugly!!I tear them off right away when got my bike home!and I really like your Indonesia decal version!!Can U help me buy the whole bike decals,all colors and send me through post office??!Ill pay through visa card!or else could u help me by research if there is any store online selling this bike decal version and let me know?!!Please help me!
This is my yahoo mail : [email protected]
I appriciated for your help!!thank you very much!!