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LTO wants motorbikes with lights on even during daytime


Super Veteran
in here, Malaysia the D.O.T have already did this since maybe early 90's....theres pros and contra about this,but as long as its about your safety, for me theres no compromise about my safety as a rider.....at first maybe it feels awkward for you my friends to switch on the lights during broad day light but soon you'll get used to it....so for me its good for your safety my friends.....even though you have to change your bulb about twice a month...hhmmmm.....better find a good one...like Osram...still bright on my bike more than 8 months.... peace... :)


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its true na its for our own safety to turn the head light on even if it is daytime so we can be more visible to other vehicles. especially to large ones........ but they seams to be pointing their fingers to motorcycle riders every time accidents happened involving mc's....... why won't they penalize cars and other vehicles that has busted head lights, signal lights, brake lights so we can see them brake or turn.... especially at night.... its very simple way to prevent or lessen accidents if we motorists can anticipate what will the other vehicle wants to do or where to go..........

this thing is good and bad at the same time........


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agree ako kay sir wingman, yung mga what we so called officials of various and well known MC clubs sana ang makapag pahayag ng saluobin natin. pero parang sila nahahawa narin sa "kikitain"...