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Long Ride


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No of course it's not ok, you should never ride that thing more than 1 km from your house :p.

Just kidding, and welcome to board.

I see questions like this and it kind of makes me laugh as motorcyles are made to be ridden and a long ride (or even a long drive in a car) are good for them as low speeds and constant braking and clutch use wear things down quick plus you need to blow the cobs out of the vehicle from time to time. When i hear people who "baby" their vehicles as far as never opening up the throttle etc. i laugh as i have seen countless cars, bikes, and boat engines which break down after they were "babied"for a long time. I firmly believe you should perform a hard break in as well, but that's just me.

On another note a 28 carb sitting on that 65mm block seems a bit small IMHO.