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KTM 125cc at 45HP!!!!


Super LOLO
Staff member
guys check this out

125cc only but it has 45 horsepower!
how did they do it????

ROOKIES CUP KTM RC 125 - Technical Details:

BORE X STROKE :54 x 54.5 mm
MAX. POWER OUTPUT: 45 Horsepower at 13,000 rpm
CARBURETOR :Keihin 38 mm
FUEL CAPACITY: 13 litres
FRAME :Aluminium twin spar frame
DIMENSIONS 430 mm wide x 730 mm tall
WHEELBASE 1.215 mm
SUSPENSION Front WP suspension 'GP Standard'
Rear WP suspension 'GP Standard'
RIMS Front Marchesini 2.5 x 17 in
Rear Marchesini 3.5 x 17 in
BRAKES Front Brembo steel disc 290 mm
Brembo 4 piston calliper
Rear Brembo steel disc 195 mm
Brembo 2 piston calliper
WEIGHT 136 kg | 300 lb (including rider)


Super Veteran
thats a quick bike, i think is that people who makes asian model bike just dont car in what their building and as well they just want to get more and more money


Super Veteran
45 HP and only 136kg with rider,,,,,,,,,,,,, that thing will haul aXX :dance:. I would love to test it out, although with me on it there would be a significant gain in weight,, :p


New Member
lightweight and ecu posibly up the horse power.

any review for that bike? 1 25cc but 45hp if compare to snipre 135 they have 16hp.


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