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JUST FOR FUN DIY 'dummy/fake hand clutch HC'


Super Veteran
yesterday i have lots of time doing nothing so i made this.....i've got the idea to make this mods by my friend's bike....

1st... get the clutch lever and its bracket....cut the bracket at the back to fits the handle

2nd... put the bracket at the handle and find the best place for it

3rd... im using the industrial bond or u can call it whatever u want, mix it and wait the mix to hardened,the bond that i've used is rapid hard in 5min

4th... i've use the rear brake switch's spring to hold the lever to make the clutch effect.....hehe...

5th... make hole at the head light assy cover

6th... tadaaa...... its all done....



Super Veteran
total cost for me is rm18 or less than usd10.....so i am encourage my friends to make this.....after that u don't have 'missing' part on the left handle (for A/C t135 only)....enjoy....


Staff member
great info bro..here my fren mod,rear break drum at the cluth position..if anybody dont know..the might thought its clutch but instead its rear break..hahaha..anyway..nice mod bro...