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Install hand clucth for 135LC Malaysia

why bother yourself in converting auto to hand clutch?
if you want auto then by auto and if you want manual, buy a manual bike.

weird people. dunno whats going on your minds. :shock:


Super Veteran
well its all up to u,in malaysia the hand clutch version were produce nearly after one year the auto clutch version were release.....so people who bought the first version of t135 who loves modification definitely wants to mods their bike to have the hand clutch.....

Mas Catoer

Super Veteran
ha ha ha Damn you guys :) :)
Why bullshitting each other..?
OK then everyone of us back to da real English
And you Bulacan's Pare, dont screw up please. :) :)

Back to hand clutch
Is there anybody able to figure out any difference in prformance btween original HC with newly installed?

Mas Catoer

Super Veteran
Yeah because the ori will totally fit in.
but need a lot of work. as it need 1 cm wider space.
Some can not say as plug n play.