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FS: Intake Manifold Thermal Insulator

Abbie S Hir

New Member
Sir pabili ung dlawang insulator, at kung meron kng pilot size 22.5 pabili rin tsaka ung rubber gasket s head ng stock carb ng classic..tnx..

im selling here brand new INTAKE MANIFOLD THERMAL HEAT INSULATOR for T135.
this is GENUINE YAMAHA PARTS so you can assure of its reliability.

stock T135 dont have THERMAL HEAT INSULATOR for intake manifold.
so adding this insulator will help your bike.

What it does ?

as you ride your bike, the heat from your engine is transfered to your intake manifold and heats the intake air.
your engine is inhaling hotair due to hot intake manifold.

just imagine its like a Hair Dryer used by women to dry their hair!!!,
you dont want that to have hot air in your engine intake, it robs your bikes power!!!

The hotter the air is entering the engine, the less dense the air is, which results in reduced horsepower. This is why your bike will seem a bit more sluggish after it warms up while you drive it.

This INTAKE MANIFOLD HEAT INSULATOR blocks the heat/reduce the transfer of heat coming from the cylinder head going to your intake manifold and carburetor thus makes colder air and fuel.

colder intake manifold and carburetor gives your engine
much cooler air to breath. thereby producing much better
combustion , fuel efficient and more power.

after a ride, try touching your intake manifold and see it will burn your finger. by installing this intake manifold thermal insulator, it will reduce/lessen the heat.

This technique is used by drag racers both in cars and motorcycles..

PM me for price.[/QUOTE]