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Exciter DOHC 4Valve (TDL Racing)


New Member
Wow... mind blowing stuff...
The power drive for an Inter Galactic Blaster !
I would like this engine tailored to my bike. ;)


New Member
Looks like a block extension of 30mm had been added ?
I wonder if it's been adapted from the YZ250F or other variants of the same,
a Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 5-valve, forward-inclined single cylinder.
It's a boy racer's dream.
And I'm dreaming too. :D


Super Veteran
hi TS can u show us some vids of your bike..i think it would be nice if we hear the roaring sound of your engine.. :)


Super Veteran
i think this will be the adjustment for timing chain, extended tensionner?
and the timing is the same.


Super Veteran
wow if the timing is the same then installing this cbr head and block wont be a problem. how about the studbolts would they need relocating in the centercase??