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Esc (elite Sniper Club) Of Pampanga.x1r,135,150,modification Book 2

al badidles

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What : Meeting
When : Feb. 16, 2015 (Monday)
Where : Assembly at, Caltex Marisol
Time : 1930(Assembly) ; 2000 (Take-off)
Agenda :
1.) Refurbished ESC by Laws, Rules and Regulations
2.) 2015 MOA/Waiver
3.) ESC Hierarchy

All aspiring members of the club are required to attend as well.
Advised by our respectful President, please mark your calendar.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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al badidles

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ahahaha.. pang red horse tsaka san mig light lang ako pres. negative sa brandy mabilis mhilo e :)
pero sige sa unity ride or bsta over night ride try ko sumabay hanggang kalahati.