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Does Top Speed Decrease Day By Day????


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I m curious about the top speed of our bike. Will our top speed decrease day by day?? How come, i heard someone said tat his bike top speed is only 110km/h??? Is it the performance getting worst when our bike gets older???


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that might have been me, when my bike was completely stock my top speed was 120klm/h after i changed my tires, it dropped down to 110 klm/h. now i'm back up to 120klm/h by just following the common tip # 3 .

TIPS FOR those who already upgrade block to V-Ixion block :

1. Dont forget to change the Cam (stock vixion cam / my super cam) followed by pilot jet stepped up to #22,5 and Main Jet #105/110
2. Carb change to MIKUNI TM24, TM28, KEIHIN PE 28, PWK 28
3. Change CDI & ignition coil


1. Dont install the lower cyl gasket, use threebond sealer instead, then check ur valve clearance, is the piston still within safe clearance from valve at Top Dead Center (TDC) position and not collide with valve by rotating the crankshaft counter clockwise 4 times (to the top position marked at the cam sprocket)
2. Take off the decompression assy on cam sprocket.
3. See that engine breather rubber pipe from water pump that connects to air box? Unplug it from air box, then close the end of the rubber pipe with an aftermarket air filter (small sizes usually priced about USD 3.75-7.5 per pcs) and tie it using cable tie to secure position, and close the hole on the air box using plastics or whatever u can use, theory based on 4 Stroke Performance Tuning book by A.Graham Bell, the saturated air on ur filter box from the engine blow by robs a little bit of hp, the reason they connect it to air filter box is because manufacturer must comply to government enviromental rule.
Race bikes use an oil catch tank to solve this engine blow by thing.
4. DONT over fill the oil, it will torture ur engine, optimum is at medium level (for Auto Clutch) and 95% position (for Hand/Manual Clutch).
5. Valve clearance
Performance Setting 0.10 (IN) - 0.13 (OUT)
Fuel efficient setting 0.12 (IN) - 0.15 (OUT)
6. Take off the choke if u rarely use it, helps a bit at high rpm.
7. Change the stock air filter to K&N, or use yellow foam side from old VEGA air filter element and modify it according to the size of stock air filter assy.


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.... But my stock LC can go until 140km/h n it still can go on but no place near my house for me to try.. I use my LC to chase my fren ninja 250 lolz smell smoke only hahaha..


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ok in case that u r new here...i suggest that dont be too lazy to read through the forum topics here..definitely u'll get lots of info....good luck


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bizzy123 said:
ummm wat is speedometer??? N wat it does??? Sry ya.. I m new, many tings i still dun noe..
ok bro, here a little kiddie lesson, you know the thing inf ront of you that tell your how fast your are going? that is call a speedometer. ok? now, unless you don't know anything about your bike, i suggest you get your owners manual and read it from cover to cover.


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hmm..my bike felt aweful after and accident i had..
and the top speed is kinda decreased
its hard to get 140km/h...
be4 its so easy
i can even get 160km/h but takes 2-3 kilo distance


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Has anyone of you measured the true speed of the T135, using a sppeedgun or GPS in stock form and with the vixion block?
I find the 140/160 claims to be really wacky for a 135cc 15bhp engine.


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joel said:
Has anyone of you measured the true speed of the T135, using a sppeedgun or GPS in stock form and with the vixion block?
I find the 140/160 claims to be really wacky for a 135cc 15bhp engine.
Actually I used DYNOMETER to find the actual speed of my MX150 with 22-19 Valve, and 15-41 sproket.
finally I found my MX reach 160 km/h.