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Clutch Cable


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im using takasago brand clutch cable for kawasaki barako 175 so far so good im using it for more than a year using racing clutch spring, just used proper maintenance for the cable and it will last..
Thanks sir. I also used aftermarket cable for my Crypton Z with just a slight difference when using it, it is good if you are in a province (Cagayan De Oro) but I don't use it if i am to travel everyday in EDSA which you don't make any slight mistake or else the Buses/cars will really hit you. I always carry an extra Clutch cable though and price isn't that far, I purchased an original cable @ 180 pesos vs 90pesos for the aftermarket.

mac kevin

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based on my experience, broken clutch cable mostly occurred at the end section (at stopper-button) attaching to the lever itself, this occurrence usually happened when changing to aftermarket clutch lever and stiffer clutch springs, i noticed that when i pulled the lever, the sharp edge at its inner portion where the button resides slowly eats the stranded cable causing ordinary wear and tear, so i slowly grind the sharp edge to the point it cant harm the cable... now my aftermarket clutch cable is 3 years old already although it has a smaller size compared to the OEM size. beware also of hollow stopper bolt with coin-like knot (commonly called adjuster if am right), its edge can also cause misfortune of the cable when improper installed,
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Genuine clutch cable of our sniper is much cheaper and in terms of use our stock clutch cable is more smoother than any other clutch cable.
there's no such things as racing clutch cable right?correct me if i'm wrong
when i change my clutch kit to racing 2 months ago my clutch cable also was cut then i just replaced it with yamaha genuine clutch cable in 3S shop.

Is there a clutch cable that compatible in racing clutch kit? or any is okay?



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Kelan ba dapat magpalit ng clutch cable? depende ba sa year ng motor or kung gaano kadalas gamitin motor..etc? wala ako manual at 2010 model pa Sniper ko..


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I think these cables should be given top priority otherwise the safety of the rider and the bike will be compromised. We might not even notice that we are wasting too much money in our bikes' accessories... Is it ironic? Don't you think?

John Samz

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not all after market clutch cable and throttle cable are not good. im using replacement clutch cable of kawasaki baja 100 for my sniper for almost 3 years now.

Sniper 150 po ba yun sir ang ginamitan nyo ng clutch cable ng kawasaki baja 100