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Clab-q General Thread


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April 25, or 26 Rescue Training by @neilryu04
Sounds very good!!!
Something I think each club should have is a Trainer. One guy who gives motorcycle safety, motorcycle mechanics, first aid, stuff like that from time to time as part of club meetings. Complacency kills, sometimes a little reiteration about stuff that most of us already know is all it takes to make a safe ride. Additionally, each club has members of all skill levels so there will be someone in the group who learns something guaranteed.

One of the most important positions in a club IMHO.


inquiry lang mga brods, may konti daw usok ang buddy ko, every weekend lang kasi nailalabas for warm up nun caretaker ko. ano kayang possible reasons? TIA.
Kung weekend lang paps inilalabas ....
dapat bago siya paan darin papadyakan muna kahit mga 5times para umakyat langis sa head, tsaka I on ang ignition then start.
pero paps ano kulay b ang Usok na lumalabas sa exhaust?