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chain for t135


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the reason i want to change chain size is to have bigger rear sprocket look
but maintaining the gear ratio.

but it seems its hard to find other size of chain in our place
so i guess i have to stick with 428.


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i use 415 15/39 SSS Racing sprocket...the pick up..like `WoW`...so quick..u have 2 try it..we can do whellie so smooth..hahaha..4 mod bike..plz see ur sprocket gear ratio..mine r stock..so i preffered the stock gear ratio..hehehe..u guys should try..of coz..is light n fuel saver..


daytona is the best but expensive. takasago its good but not that expensive. now im using the silver type takasago 428.


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for me i must prepare the takasago brand of chain
it is also made from japan jst wat neo said that
it is not that expensive but the quality of the chain
is there...because there are rumor that there are so
many DID brand that out in the market that is made
in china "fake" it seems that no different from the original
im not against w/ DID but im just saying an advice to
guys....but if you can buy an original DID much better
but what im only saying is be careful to buy DID coz
there was a lot of fake DID now in the market.

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I use takasago 428 stainless chain. its nice if its always clean. don't need to lubricate it all the time and its very quiet. I recommend it. only around 400-500 pesos.