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Top Tips For Perfect Topstitching

Today we will talk about my favorite way to pull a shirtdress or a blouse together, which is topstitching.

Whether you intend to add a highlight to your garment by using contrast colors or you just want to have a sleek and elegant look by using tone-on-tone stitching, knowing how to topstitch is an essential set of skills for any seamstress.

Always Plan Before You Sew

I know the temptation of getting started right away, but the key to having a perfect piece of garment is to have a proper plan beforehand.

The machine you use should be taken into consideration. Some models have more stitch options than others. I will go into that later in this article. In case you haven’t had a machine yet, this
Best Coverstitch Sewing Machine Reviews might point you in the right direction.

Draw a sketch of the project. It doesn’t need to be perfect. You may use croquis if you feel like or the lines alone will do. Draw the places you want to topstitch so that you have a clear idea of where they are.

Is it the collar that you want to topstitch? Or do you want it on the button band? Do you want to use tone-on-tone or contrast stitches? Or both?

My favorite way is to use different colors on the details like collars or cuffs while I machine-sewn hem with thread that blends in with the fabric.

Pick The Right Stitches

Triple stitches on a piece of garment

If decorating is important to you, you may want to look through the stitch options on your sewing machine. Some machines have more stitch options than others, so you have more choices when it comes to topstitching.

If you are on the lookout for a new coverstitch machine, in this guide
Top Coverstitch Machines Reviews, you can find a few models with many stitch options at a reasonable price.

For topstitching seams that are both straight and bold, the triple stitch is right down your alley. In essence, it is still straight stitches, but each stitch is repeated three times, hence the name triple. This type of seam looks stronger and thicker.

Always Have A Guide With You

The hardest part of topstitching is to keep the seams narrow and straight.

The bolder the stitch you choose, the easier people will notice your mistakes. Whether it is a small drift or a bobble, especially if you are using defined stitches and bold thread, it will stand right out.

The most effective fix for this is to use a seam guide. It will give you something to follow and line your fabric edges with.

I have a magnetic seam guide that goes well with my best sewing machine for beginners. However, if you don’t want to invest in one (they are cheap though), a band of tape will do.

➽➽➽ Find More Info:
Best Coverstitch Machine For Beginners

Once you have your guide in place, align your garment’s edges with the guide or the tape and go slowly. Watch out for the guide, not the needle when you sew, if you fix your eyes on the needle, the seams will go off course.
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