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Airbrush Viet Nam - Your Living Arts

Ah Bi/WSY 1380

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hi. i'm ahbi from malaysia. sorry for asking, may i know the price for the exciter 2013 gp cover set including the decals. Am interested in purchasing one. Again am sorry if im asking at the wrong section.


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Hello yamaha motorcycle enthusiasts, my name is Nguyen Van Thai from Vietnam country, I have nicknamed AirbrushVietNam, I would like to introduce the art of my country airush to all the friends, invite you see my works

Above is a sample jupiter Mx on photoshop for you to observe, and this is after I spray works airbrush

Hi we will be visiting Vietnam (HCMC-Saigon) in late September. Are you near Saigon?


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Dien bien phu city, that's very far from Saigon, almost 2,000km (about 470km West of Hanoi) :(
Ok, that rules that out,,,,,:D.

Are you an expat living in Saigon by chance (just a guess based on your handle here)? This will be our first visit so looking for things to see in the Saigon area, was also planning a couple days to Nha Trang.


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i'm sorry my friend ,too busy to do the job today I'm new to the forum with you, yeah I'm at Dien Bien Phu 2000 Km away from Saigon and Hanoi 470km away, my main job is elementary school teacher, and I airbrush painted by passionate individuals, the sample on the sample I do airbrush to spray paint
I just finished masterpiece

from maket on photoshop