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Air Front Forks T150

Steve KH

New Member
Exciter T150 chassis is awesome, for a bike that looks like a stepthru, but what it needs (badly) is stiffer/stronger front suspension. Rear monoshock is robust but front end is shockingly inadequate! Spindly little 28mm tubes with just over 100mm travel, feeble springing and feels like zero damping... With a 90kg pilot it is crunching, clonking and bottoming out on even the most minor ripples in the tarmac - and Phnom Penh streets have plenty of tougher challenges.

So am contemplating air forks conversion and heavier fork oil (coz those mods are cheap and easy!). Calculator says 2-3 bar (200 - 300 kPa) air pressure should sort it out, with 20 wt oil replacing 10wt OEM spec. Actually maybe there isn't any fork oil at all right now, it feels that bad!

Has anyone done this, or anything similar? Any tips, ideas and experience successful or otherwise welcome.

2016 Exciter T150 (100% stock so far)

Notes on geometry etc, from a related post:
Obviously lowering the front end (usually by sliding the fork tubes up a bit higher in the triple clamps) does affect chassis geometry. Also reduces ground clearance. Re handling and stability, the moto will have sharper rake angle and less trail. At least in theory this reduces stability but steering should feel sharper and allows the bike to turn more aggressively, up to the limit of front tire traction at least.

Personally, the T150 steering geometry seems way quick enough anyway, so I won't mess with that for now.