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12 Volts 5 Ah Battery Replaced By 12 Volts 3 Ah Battery

Daing Gamo

New Member
Master, I am needing some advice. Here is my story, I have to replace the stock battery of my SniperT135 which is 12V 5AH, by the stock battery of SMX which is 12V 3AH. Will these lead to any electrical problems of my MC? TIA
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In battery Ah means Ampere-Hour which is the capacity of the battery that can it store or the flow of current per hour, the lower it is the - the lower the capacity which means it can be easily discharge specially if you have modified your bike to have lots of LEDs than stock, same thing with cars if you use lower size and have booming sound with powerful ampli, your battery will die really fast... hope this helps.. =)