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  1. aydy

    Jetless Carburetor (smart Carb) By Lectron Fuel Systems.

    These smart carbs don't have any jets and doesn't have to be adjusted to elevation changes, It is simply plug and play. The needle jet is of a patented design. I have been on the fence of changing my carb and I'm thinking of switching to this. Here's the official specification details from...
  2. H

    Lc135 5 Speed Sprocket Compatibility

    Guys. I have a Yamaha LC135 5Speed Manual Clutch, with a modified rear wheel. The rear wheel and rear sprocket is that of a Exciter 150. Current sprocket combination is 42/15. I’m looking to change the sprocket set and I want to know what’s the biggest front sprocket I can fit. I heard that a...
  3. Ikyu

    Sniper Mx 135cc To 150cc Basic Upgrade

    Hi there, just want to share my bike old set if ever someone here is wondering how they can add some power to there stock sniper mx 135 without changing stock carburettor and at the same time will look and sound like a stock. Here are the parts i use for my upgrades Cylinder head - Stock...