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  1. Syafin Firman

    Yamaha T135 Radiator Fan cant turn off.

    Hello guys..just now i have a problem with my T135 which whenever i start the key, the fan automatically turned on even my engine not in overheating.. and i already tried disconnecting the Thermostat sensor and change the fan relay with a new one but still..does not make any change :( please...
  2. F

    Lc135 62mm Racing Block

    Just asking for opinions from you guys. I currently now using lc135 standard block. Im thinking to upgrade it to 62mm. But the issue is which brand is actually good and dont burn a whole in my pocket which can withstand a long period of usage without giving a headache ? Maybe Espada ? Cms ...
  3. F

    Perlu Setting Carburetor Kalau Tukar Cdi ?

    Saya ingin bertanya. Saya sudah tukar cdi lc135 4s saya dari cdi ori thailand (oren) kepada cdi mb performance 5th edition. Bila tukar, ada time bila saya pecut at low-mid rpm pulas throttle dalam 2/5, moto saya semput sekejap tapi then kembali normal. Benda ni berlaku jugak time saya dalam gear...
  4. H

    Lc135 5 Speed Sprocket Compatibility

    Guys. I have a Yamaha LC135 5Speed Manual Clutch, with a modified rear wheel. The rear wheel and rear sprocket is that of a Exciter 150. Current sprocket combination is 42/15. I’m looking to change the sprocket set and I want to know what’s the biggest front sprocket I can fit. I heard that a...
  5. T

    57mm On Uma Superhead Sports

    Im planning to have this set.. is it compatible for 57mm? Mods cms cam, cms valve spring, 28mm carb,rcdi, clutch spring....tia