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  1. ymh3xw1991

    [movie]my Spark135 In Oshima Island Tokyo Japan 4days 2017

    伊豆大島ツーリング2017 [part 1 ] A short trip to Oshima Island 2017 [part 1 ]
  2. ymh3xw1991

    T150 On Sale In Japan

    YAMAHA motor Japan official news release スポーツモデル系の150ccエンジンとワイドタイヤなどを採用 新型アンダーボーン「Exciter T150」をベトナムで発売 http://global.yamaha-motor.com/jp/news/2014/1219/exciter.html T150 distributor in Japan - RIVERSIDE motorcycle shop (not officially released by YAMAHA in Japan)...