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  1. D

    Weird Sound When Turning Off Engine

    Hello, recently got my brand new t135 and I noticed that whenever I turn the engine off there is a weired sound at the end. Is this considered normal? Link below to the sound recording : https://soundcloud.com/user-434288180/weirdsound Thanks.
  2. captjacksparrow

    What To Do With My Aging Sniper?

    I have a 2009 AC Sniper, what is the best thing that i could possibly do to prolong its life? I am thinking of buying a vixion set. I need your suggestions. Ps it's been a while :)

    Bore Help In My Vega Force Carb Type.

    mga paps pa help nmn kung saan makaka bili ng bore kit for my vega force. ung pwedeng pang long ride. tnx guys