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  1. Amirul Mukminin

    Problem Installing Alarm System On Yamaha Lc135

    Hello.... i just bought an alarm system and just about to install it on my Yamaha LC135 The problem is the diagram is confusing me till this day. :help: I just don't know how to connect the wire from where to where i hope someone can point out the solution. I attach the wiring diagram of the...
  2. Daing Gamo

    12 Volts 5 Ah Battery Replaced By 12 Volts 3 Ah Battery

    Master, I am needing some advice. Here is my story, I have to replace the stock battery of my SniperT135 which is 12V 5AH, by the stock battery of SMX which is 12V 3AH. Will these lead to any electrical problems of my MC? TIA