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  1. Piju

    Nak Clearkan Stor

    Salam semua, sorry in advance kot kot takleh jual barang kat sini. Tolong delete serta merta. Saya ada barang unused dan used nak tolak Kalau berminat boleh PM ni senarai Unused 1. uma racing wave125/lc135 clutch plates 2. BRT racing clutch springs (4 springs) 3. BRT mastercam T1 tune-up...
  2. Piju

    Using Non Supported Cdi On Tps Installed Carburetor

    Guys, as for discussion, could you tell me what is the advantages or dis-advantages if using non supported CDI on TPS installed carburetor such as Mikuni BS25 ? I am planning to buy BRT dualband type TR as replacement for stock CDI for my Yamaha LC ES 4 speed (year 2013). As far as I know, this...