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  1. Method21

    For Sale Oem Head, Kawahara K1 Camshaft, Vixion Valve Springs, Uma Ti Retainers, 6 Gear Tranny

    Head (OEM) = 3K Head + Kawahara K1 Camshaft + Vixion Valve Springs + Ti retainers = 8K SMX 6 Speed Tranny (OEM R125 Tranny) = 10K if items will be bulk ordered I will give : Stock Bore kit Uma fast throttle Keihin PE 28 RB single rear set for sniper mx all brand new RFS : I will replace...
  2. Method21

    S>cms Cam, Cms Valve Springs, Vm26 (mikuni)

    post ko pix bukas.. RFS : Reset lang sa setup;) pm me if interested condition : good as brand new
  3. Method21


    SSS 15T~37T use only for 100+ kms, GABN UMA 28mm manifold, Faito 21T (4th Gear) Starter Clutch assembly and Idle Gear (lightened) IKK (primary and clutch basket assembly) RFS : Iwas kalat lang sa garahe;)
  4. Method21

    Starter Motor

    iwas kalat lang po..god speed ahead
  5. Method21

    S>sniper Stock Mags

    RFS : pang dagdag sa assemble kung spoke wheels NO BENGKONG @ MINOR SCRATCHES OFFER LANG PO KAYO;)
  6. Method21

    Selling Stock Block

    Selling stock block for (2500) (1 year and 10 months old) (Piston,P.Pin,new base/block gasket,Circlip) and Stock Camshaft RFS : Dagdag pambili lang po ng RB mags..;) shipping cost excluded
  7. Method21


    PM me for inquires :
  8. Method21

    S>DBS pipes for raider 150,wave/xrm 125 and wave 100/110

  9. Method21

    FS>Tommy Hilfiger Chronograph watch

    RFS: Heavy Descent look for a sporty type of personality. Loose for my small wrist.
  10. Method21

    S/T>Assorted Parts

    mai stock foot peg pa po yan @ brake rod and pedals..follow lang po ung mga pix.. ride safe mga bro stock foot pegs and angkasan = 1,500 stock cams = 500 park light assembly and signal light = Sold stock rotor disk for front brakes = 500 carb = Sold stock tail light = Sold