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  1. KupaX1r

    L/f> Mio Sporty (w/ Legal Papers)

    Im looking for Mio sporty, Budget 25k Call or text me @ 09062590590 Thanks,
  2. KupaX1r

    S>MTRT 4th gear 21t for Sniper (brand new)

    S>MTRT 4th gear 21t for Sniper (brand new) RFS: nakatambak sa haws dahil naka mio n ko.. pede din swap sa 28mm na carb basta in good condition.. contact #: 09267448408 1.5k fix!
  3. KupaX1r

    L/F: 28mm keihin carb 2nd hand

    im looking for 28mm keihin carb in good condition.. here is my digits # 09267448408 txt me the price.. TIA!
  4. KupaX1r

    S>my t135 modification

    selling my mods.. RFS: magpapalit na ko ng mio soul... Eto na lang po natitira: ECS garage pipe w/ silencer (3 weeks used) = 2,500 **REPRICED 2k** x1r tail light = 1,200 (pwede din swap sa stock tail light ng sniper, add lang kayo cash) itsura ng pipe ,, (pahiram lang po pic)...
  5. KupaX1r

    Pde po ba sumali sa team?

    Hi guys! pde po ba ko sumali kahit converted from sniper lng x1r ko? TIA! :D
  6. KupaX1r

    My sniper converted to X1r

    share ko lang po... libre comment! :D
  7. KupaX1r

    Need feedback sa mga ECS pipe user..

    Im a namban user.. balak ko magpalit ng ecs pipe.. any feedback please.. TIA! :D
  8. KupaX1r


    bka meron gus2 makipag swap ng x1r full fairings, black un skin, hanap ko red and white na fairings din ng x1r,, makinis pa un skin, wla pa 1month un fairings ko.. NOTE** pde din po un combination ng BLUE and WHITE or RED AND WHITE txt me @ 09267448408 e2 po pics...
  9. KupaX1r

    S>MTRT 4th gear 21t

    per order basis 1.3k within metro manila 1.5k for shipping (included) PM me for orders.. or txt me @ 09267448408 eto gamit ng Upper Valley Sniper Boys sa mindanao... nkaka tatlo na si rowan sakin... :D
  10. KupaX1r

    How to lower our front shocks?

    mga idol pde magtanong kung panu i lowered un shocks natin sa harap? un safe pa din na parang stock... nun binaklas ko kc un sakin nakita ko na parang pang nouvo un sa sniper.. may lock sa ibabaw.... thanks sa mga mag advice! :D
  11. KupaX1r

    L/F: x1r ignition switch

    im looking for x1r stock ignition switch pde din SOLCAR.. txt me @ 09267448408
  12. KupaX1r

    L/F: this x1r fairing part

    im looking for this part: contact me @ 09267448408 Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. KupaX1r

    S> stock carb

    im selling my stock carb good as new, nagpalit ako agad ng OKO carb,, stock jettings din nakalagay... RFS: nakatambak lng sa bahay contact me @ 09267448408
  14. KupaX1r

    L/F: X1r fairing parts

    im looking for the rubber cover sa neck ng x1r, sa may ilalim ng manibela... contact me @ 09267448408
  15. KupaX1r

    SWAP my Mizzle Tire 90/80 and 80/80

    SWAP my Mizzle Tire 90/80 and 80/80 hanap ako ka swap ng tires ko.. gamit na pero makapal pa, need ko ka swap... need ko ng manipis na gulong or pde din dragking.. contact # 09267448408
  16. KupaX1r

    L/F: x1r handle bar switch

    I'm looking for x1r handle bar switch,, contact me @ 09267448408
  17. KupaX1r

    L/F: x1r front bracket para sa muka!

    L/F: x1r front bracket para sa muka! #09267448408
  18. KupaX1r

    S> Vixion Cams 1.4k

    S> Vixion Cams 1.4k RFS: palit faito s4 evo cams.... # 09267448408
  19. KupaX1r

    S> Faito S4 evo cams

    im selling my Faito S4 evo cams RFS: nakatambak lng sa shop.. selling it for 1.8k # 09267448408
  20. KupaX1r

    S>PSP phat (Limited Blue Edition)

    S>PSP phat (Limited Blue Edition) 99% smooth, ksma charger, RFS: pangbili ng x1r head light tska tail light,,