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  1. ymh3xw1991

    [movie]my Spark135 In Oshima Island Tokyo Japan 4days 2017

    伊豆大島ツーリング2017 [part 1 ] A short trip to Oshima Island 2017 [part 1 ]
  2. ymh3xw1991

    T150 On Sale In Japan

    YAMAHA motor Japan official news release スポーツモデル系の150ccエンジンとワイドタイヤなどを採用 新型アンダーボーン「Exciter T150」をベトナムで発売 http://global.yamaha-motor.com/jp/news/2014/1219/exciter.html T150 distributor in Japan - RIVERSIDE motorcycle shop (not officially released by YAMAHA in Japan)...
  3. ymh3xw1991

    [movie] Spark135 In Winter Hokkaido Japan 2015-2016

    My SPARK135 in winter Hokkaido JAPAN for a week. 宗谷岬年越しツーリング 2015 →2016 [part 1 ] Motorcycle touring in Hokkaido JAPAN 2015 →2016 winter [part 1 ]
  4. ymh3xw1991

    Tokyo Movie Locations Tour With My Spark135

    Tokyo Movie Locations - 東京・映画ロケ地巡りツーリング There are many movies filmed in Tokyo Japan. I'll show you some impressive filming locations in Tokyo,riding on my SPARK135 Lost in Translation Austin Powers in Goldmember Kill Bill vol.1 JUMPER The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift THE WOLVERINE...
  5. ymh3xw1991

    Japan : Cherry Blossom Season 2012

    winter is over, now in Japan, cherry blossoms are blooming. .
  6. ymh3xw1991

    Tokyo Motor Show 2011

    Tokyo Motor Show 2011 at Tokyo Big Sight YAMAHA provides motorcycles , snowmobiles , personal waterdrafts , all terrain vehicles , wheelchairs , bicycles , and CAR engines. http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/motorshow2011/sp/index.html
  7. ymh3xw1991

    Earthquake in my country JAPAN /東日本大震災

    I live in near Tokyo,4 days ago the earthquake attacked our redsident area. but my house and property(including my T135) were safe and I was not injured. However, my country suffered serious damage after earthquake ,tsunami and nuclear incident. Casualties are increasing and survivors are still...
  8. ymh3xw1991

    Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2010

    Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2010 Japan's largest exhibition of motorcycle at Tokyo Big Sight
  9. ymh3xw1991

    SPARK135 winter version

    Snow piled up on my SPARK135
  10. ymh3xw1991

    Tokyo Motor Show 2009

    Tokyo Motor Show 2009 not motorcycle show, but YAMAHA was there. http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/ymh3xw1991/58673745.html
  11. ymh3xw1991

    waterproof 12V cigar socket installation

    Marinco's Sealink Deluxe 12 Volt Receptacle installation to my SPARK135. waterproof,durable,and useful because this cigar socket is for watercrafts. more details -> http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/ymh3xw1991/57441147.html
  12. ymh3xw1991

    Inner Basket for T135 (Thai YAMAHA genuine)

    I had a trip to Bangkok,Thailand in May, and got Thai YAMAHA genuine accessory for SPARK135. it's difficult to get this in Japan. INNER BASKET BLACK 5YP-F4866-Q1-BL details -> http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/ymh3xw1991/57849921.html
  13. ymh3xw1991

    Looking for SPARK135 parts & accesories in Bangkok

    I'll go on a trip to Bangkok Thailand this month(May 2009). I want to buy some ThaiYAMAHA genuine parts & aftermarket accesories for my SPARK RX135i. Where can I get them in Bangkok? First of all I'll go shopping to YAMAHA SQUARE , PathumwanArea . ChinaTown , LatPhraoArea .
  14. ymh3xw1991

    SPARK135 ride in Saitama JAPAN

    SPARK135 ride around Saitama City , JAPAN JapanRailwayMuseum - EnomotoDairyFarm - OkegawaCircuit - HondaMotorcycleSchool - RicolandSaitama 30km / 3hours
  15. ymh3xw1991

    How to rainproof your GPS with a condom

    just see my movie. GPS rainproofing test with a condom コンドームはナビの防雨対策に使えるか?on YouTube [flash width=560 height=340]http://www.youtube.com/v/80aXEkWqIes&hl=ja&fs=1&fmt=35[/flash] - better to watch in high quality -
  16. ymh3xw1991

    MOVIE : the acceleration of T135

    I accelerated 0 - 100 km/h in my T135. just see the movie , thanks. ThaiYAMAHA SPARK135 Acceleration 0-100km/h on YouTube [flash width=425 height=344]http://www.youtube.com/v/Mls1u1PkCtk&hl=en&fs=1[/flash]