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  1. Sniper-LC4V

    Looking For Oem Sniper Mx Manifold Or Oem/sgp Raider 150r Manifold

    LF> brand new OEM or SGP raider 150r manifold or Sniper MX manifold pm price. ASAP
  2. Sniper-LC4V

    Rcdi Issues

    Here's the scenario, whenever I ride my bike switch on the key my rcdi (brt dual only) blue indicator light wont turn on on lower rpm. It's like I'm having a low charge battery. I tried changing bnew battery check the harness all is well. It all start when I stuck up my bike for 2mos. for I...
  3. Sniper-LC4V

    Ibaike Shocks For Our T135

    How's the performance, durability and overall quality? anyone have tried this? your post will be much appreciated. thanks. ride safe. :cool:
  4. Sniper-LC4V

    L/F Faito 60mm Cylinder Head Gasket

    PM offers :) Ride safe
  5. Sniper-LC4V

    L/F> stock T-post. tnx

    walang tama. tnx ! :cool:
  6. Sniper-LC4V

    Feedback on Faito Infinity (60mm) block

    Any Faito block users here? :rolleyes:whats your feedback. TIA! :D
  7. Sniper-LC4V

    Question here regarding TPS

    Good day Everyone! Sir, pano po pag mapapalit ka ng R-CDI should I get non-TPS cdi? then pano mwwla yung thermal indicator kasi pag inaalis ko sya s stock carbs nka on sya. jina-jumper po ba ito? Thanks In Advance. :cool:
  8. Sniper-LC4V

    L/F sir the_one

    sir nawala contact # mo po sakin. tatanong po sana ako bout sa mamaw upgrades. hehehehe ^^ :D TIA