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  1. chiglai

    Bohol Ride This November! LETS RIDE!

    sites to visit! kayo na bahala! eto po ung link! NOVEMBER that is! LETS RIDE! http://cogtonganons.socialgo.com/forum/topic/329/page/1
  2. chiglai


    echo love boy itlog gamay sniper pig vs lion gorilla look alike horns bike wood carving frog nanix post echo golden boy walay mga helmet carb tuner @ kaamulan tulog limos sleeping beauty spider sa likod hapit ma lamon ang sakyanan hapit ma potol ang...
  3. chiglai

    ASHFALT-CDO goes to DAPITAN(Nov5-7)

    http://buklodsadapitan.com/ http://buklodsadapitan.com/online-booking/ 699/person ok na kayo ni sya... day1(nov5 cdo-dapitan via ozamis) day2(spend time dipolog) day3(head home) update: october 4 2010 699/person check in time is 2pm check out time is 12noon the following day reserved date...
  4. chiglai

    R6 Tail Light

    just arrived from the US, kanina ko pa natanggap, ibebenta ko nalang po in need of money, nasa admit po kc anak ko nung thursday pa and medyo malaki na ung bill sa ospital, intergrated tail light smoke! 6.5k selling price!09174219583 txt nalang po kung interesado, di po ako makapag online...
  5. chiglai


    mga bro diri ta magkabuang og post, pangutana og hatag nga kaubang sa atong kauban nga mga sniper owners, murag mas pabor ni nga binisaya para walay samok, kasagara bisaya diri dili mo post kung walay basihan, hala cge sugdan ko ang mga kabuang!
  6. chiglai


    LF- COPPER PLATE gaskets, 57mm bore diameter, pistons 58-60mm pin14 please pm me... thanks and more revving power!
  7. chiglai

    Fake Overheating

    Ive encountered a weird problem on my bike, the problem is my bike seems to show light the overheat warning on the panel, but not a true overheat problem since im using stock cdi, normally the fan would turn on when the overheat warning light lits, (to rule out the problem ive tested my fan for...
  8. chiglai


    help sa crankshaft bearing kung ano ang CODE ng bearing... not the product code but ung code mismo na naka tatak sa bearing.. size yata yun ng bearing... thanks
  9. chiglai

    Engine Mods

    why is my sniper very slow? i cant even reach 125kph? on my vixion kit??? (many sniper owners told me that their stock sniper can reach 140kph?) help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. chiglai

    Philippines sniper owners.

    magandang araw po sa lahat ng may sniper dito sa pinas, ako po si chiglai from Cagayan de Oro City, medyo matagal na din ako naging member dito sa www.yamahat135.com and madalas din kami mag touring dito sa southside, medyo marami na din akong nagawang mods sa sniper ko.. medyo matagal na din...
  11. chiglai

    AC to HC convertion

    heres how i converted my AC sniper to HC sniper...(with the use of genuine yamaha parts) list of parts that are needed for the convertion: 2S6–E7411–00 AXLE, MAIN 2S6–F6335–00 CABLE, CLUTCH clutch lever holder with lever(your choice the cheapest is YRS) overhauling gasket and...
  12. chiglai

    Help! Converting AC -> HC

    I would like to convert AC to HC.. can anybody help me what determine on what parts are need for an AC 135 converted to HC? and vice versa... thanks..
  13. chiglai

    Complete V-xion Kit + Blue Thunder Racing Coil

    selling a complete v-xion kit just like the one im using.. package comes with a -v-xion cam -x-xion block (57mm) -v-xion piston w/ ring (57mm) -head & base gasket -o-ring -piston pin 100% hastle free upgrade.. everything is bolt on.been tested on long rides.. a 1200km ride 4days...
  14. chiglai

    help me with this tail light

    this is the shape of my tail light(red) what i want is to make a circuit board inside (or suggestions) and all lights illuminate with led... circuit board to shape it? and i want this to be my signal lights (turn left) and turn right possible? i really want it in that...
  15. chiglai

    FORSALE T135 rearset Shifter

    im selling my rearset shifter from my t135... bought it around 3.5k then now im selling it for only 2.5k 2weeks since installed then the 1st week my bike wasnt in use due to preparation of a motorshow here in the city.... some pics! if u guys are interested call or txt me in this...
  16. chiglai

    Help on my Sniper135

    hi can u guys help me on my problem with my sniper135? cuz every time e rev up it goes papapapa... not the limiter though... even if im on 3rd gear and going about 80kph it does that and sometimes it doesnt.... sometimes even in 4th gear... and sometimes dont... help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls pls...