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  1. jchris1124

    Looking Cylinder Head

  2. jchris1124

    L/f Sniper Classic Crankshaft (segunyal) "isang Hugot"

    meron ako 2.5k 09058814044
  3. jchris1124


  4. jchris1124

    F/s Or F/t Siberian Husky

  5. jchris1124

    L/f---- H/c Starter Clutch

    meron ako nung gear lang 300 09058814044
  6. jchris1124

    Sniper Parts Etc.

    sold na po
  7. jchris1124

    Lf : Stator 2nd Hand Or Brandnew

    paps meron ako pang mio pede din naman sya sa sniper
  8. jchris1124

    Sniper Cylinder Head

    Sniper cylinder for sale Port and polish Mx and sniper classic Walang laman loob 09058814044 for pictures http://www.sulit.com.ph/index.php/view+classifieds/id/35440709/yamaha+sniper+cylinder+head
  9. jchris1124

    Sniper Parts

    sold na po
  10. jchris1124

    Sniper Parts

    UPDATE eto na lang po available 1.STOCK CDI 2. STOCK BORE KIT 3. WATER PUMP ASSY 4. SEGUNYAL H/C 5. WIRING HARNESS 6. SNIPER MX HEAD 5 months pa lang, walang laman loob 7. STARTER 8. TENSIONER 9. MIO STATOR pede sa sniper Txt lang 09058814044
  11. jchris1124

    Sniper Parts

  12. jchris1124

    L/f Impeller Assy ,oil Seal.

    meron ako bnew pm or txt 09058814044
  13. jchris1124

    Sniper Parts

    meron ako putol lang ung plug ng tps
  14. jchris1124

    Used X1r Bodykit

  15. jchris1124

    Sniper Parts

    may pm ako paps
  16. jchris1124

    Sniper Parts

    wala paps
  17. jchris1124

    S>sniper Classic Hc Parts Check Nyo Na Lng Po Thx Clab Q

    may papel po ba ung makina?
  18. jchris1124

    Sniper Parts

    hc po to
  19. jchris1124

    Sniper Parts

    700 putol lang ung sa tps,no use naman na kung nka big carb ka