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    do u think its already good For the YZF-R15 to have a SOHC

    guys..i know im a greenhorn in this world of motorsport :wink: but i wanna ask ur opinion about the New YZF-R15 ..i've seen the R15 only have SOHC.but compared to the CBR150R with DOHC..i heard that R15 only can run 145km/h and the CBR150R can run like 160km/h+++ what u guys thing..is...
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    Hey does anybody have ever tried to change ur speedometer

    Hey guys ..erm..im wondering does aftermarket parts sells speedometer With MPH/miles per hour meter reading..rather than the KM/H meter reading ..im just curious..maybe any1 have ever change ur meter? :?: just curious...
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    yamaha genuine coolant

    so guys i've wanted to ask u guys bout this...a long time ago..but i get forgotting to post this...when i first bought my T135 which is at march 2007...i started using it... and during that time im using it... my coolant water kept decreasing...i dont know what happened but i think its nothing...
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    what u guys think of the new egoS

    what u guys think about the new egoS malaysia produce...if u haven't see it yet...log on to www.yamaha-motor.com.my i dont really like the new design compared to the original
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    what happened to my bike

    guys im a newbie in using my 135lc...i got this bike about in the month of march...i tested this bike and its running 160kmph....im satisfied...then one day...i tested my bike again and it cant even run to 140kmph...only 120-130kmph...i've changed my the lubricating oil..changed the spark plug...