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    Is It Possible To Modify The Electric Starter ?

    as i know uma racing reinforced starter will only fit 4 speed engine, 5 speed engine is not fit
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    Uma Digital Meter

    some ppl like to add extra kill switch, normally this kill switch will install between the key switch wiring, so when they park the bike, they will also on the kill swith, so the supply willl totally cut from the supply.
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    Rcdi Issues

    is normal if ur uma racing cdi behave.
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    Uma Digital Meter

    maybe is ur alarm... if u do not have an alarm system, please check the battery life. or u make a hidden switch to cut off the supply, that's why this happen to ur bike. just my 2 cent
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    Clutch What Brand Of Clutch Lining Can You Recommend To Me For Everyday Use?

    can try for uma racing clutch. best performance.
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    Sniper Mx Uma Digital Speedometer Tire Circumference

    I just put 100%, and tested with R15, is all same with original r15 meter reading. if same GPS reading u need to put 95%
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    Performance Dropped

    do the top overhaul sir, including, grinding ur valve, change your valve stem seal, change ur cam if worn out, teppet also need change. if possible porting ur head as well. then check ur piston ring. clean all the carbon deposit inside head & piston. and of cause change all the head & block...
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    Removing Decompression Assembly

    sir, how u remove the housing? i try to drill the tag welding from the back, but failed, is too hard.
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    Problem With My Uma Koso Digital Speedo

    u can try to check ur crank sensor near upper front sprocket. just my 2 cent
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    Uma Digital Meter

    I found the problem, when i play the float without start the engine, everything is in perfect working condition, but when i start the engine & i play the float, the fuel indicator is inaccurate. Anyone know to solve this problem?
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    Uma Digital Meter

    I already tried running with full tank, but I already running more than 100km the indicator still not moving, that's unusual practice. just now I tested the float with multimeter, there is no abnormal ohm (full position - 8 ohm, empty position 98 ohm)
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    Uma Digital Meter

    I dun think is the tank float problem cause the gauge never show the actual quantity of petrol when the bike moving. when I switch of the key & turn on again the gauge will show the actual quantity of petrol.
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    Uma Digital Meter

    I had a problem with my uma racing digital meter, the gas meter just suddenly not accurate at all! my tank is dried off but the reading in the meter show still have 60% of petrol in side the tank. I just use it not more than 6 month.
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    Gasoline Spill When Bike Fall Over

    Is it normal when the bike fall over(flat down) the gasoline will spill out? By the way i'm using carb vm28 for my 135. Need opinion.thanks
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    Main And Pilot Jet Size For Keihin 28mm

    U are wasting your gas. Kekeke. Original carb is recomended for stock engine. If really wanna change carb, just use the old model carb is enough.
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    Need Advices & Suggestions

    Too big pilot jet & too small main jet.
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    Rextor Vs Brt Cdi

    Using UMA RACING, best CDI i ever use, can set ignition timing, rpm limit, most important is no fake product for now. Kekeke.
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    Turn Signal Problem. Need Some Help.

    maybe u all are right, I will try to jumper the battery from friend bike tomorrow, thank to u all, because recently I just install uma racing digital meter, maybe it drain my battery faster. TQ
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    Turn Signal Problem. Need Some Help.

    Hi, i having little problem regarding with my turn signal. When i turn on the switch without starting the engine, the turn signal no blink at all, it just turn on without blink. After i startup the engine, the signal start blinking, but slow blink, when i rev the engine, turn signal blink...
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    Uma Racing Cdi For Sniper

    I just install uma racing cdi. Its marvelous!! All adjustable! Can adjust the RPM limit, map setting, degree setting, BTDC advance retard setting, and 1 more advantage is if u install the uma racing digital meter, then u can connect the RPM cable to this CDI, no need asking where to connect the...