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  1. rudduan

    it's been quite some time...

    it's been quite some time...
  2. rudduan

    Exciter reborn (5 stroke)

    i can't wait when this all new upgraded t135 will be officially launch......aarrrghggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh :evil:
  3. rudduan


    thumbs up!!
  4. rudduan

    tolong...rod patah! crankase pecah!

    aku rase elok ko wat ikut procedure tu...sbab kalo ko anta kat HLYamaha mereka akan gantikan dgn brg original...harap dpt bersabar...
  5. rudduan

    Valentino Rossi says goodbye to yamaha

    italian must ride italian bikes...hehehehee.... rossi 1st win in 125cc class also with italian bikes... so its just like home coming for him to rides italian bikes again...( i guess).... (O.O.T) Mas, i thought u ride an r1...glad that your passion for bikes still remains.....
  6. rudduan

    Valentino Rossi says goodbye to yamaha

    (O.O.T) long time no see mas.....still support yamaha team?? heheheeeee....
  7. rudduan

    Peepal leaves as a battery charger

    ECO friendly.....
  8. rudduan

    Valentino Rossi says goodbye to yamaha

    The rumours have been circulating for quite some time, but it’s now confirmed that the seven-time MotoGP champ has left Yamaha to join Ducati, signing a two-year deal with the Italian team. Rossi has been with Yamaha for seven years, a successful period that saw him win four world championships...
  9. rudduan

    LTO wants motorbikes with lights on even during daytime

    in here, Malaysia the D.O.T have already did this since maybe early 90's....theres pros and contra about this,but as long as its about your safety, for me theres no compromise about my safety as a rider.....at first maybe it feels awkward for you my friends to switch on the lights during broad...
  10. rudduan


    err...harap korang leh ikut rules forum ni ye....bukan ape nnt pasal hal kecik camni leh jadi hal beso....diorng ni (org yg wat forum ni org philipine) jenis sumenye diorng yg betol...so aku tanak nnt jadik hal smpai kne blok plak...harap maklum....die nak pkai bndera yahudi tu pegi mampos same...
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    err...salah satu care plg snang kamu buat akaun baru...gune username yg anda inginkan....so yg dah tanak pkai tu jgn pkai lg coz sistem akan dlete bile smpai valid time die...hrp ini dpt membantu....
  12. rudduan


    in my opinion,our bike is the best moped that YAMAHA ever made...its been more than 4 years now,and still standing and still be the choice of most riders out there.....would you mind to share your thoughts,opinions,experices or anything regarding to this.....we love our bike.... 8)
  13. rudduan

    ekzos lc stndet

    what are u trying to say or what are u looking for? please be specific.....
  14. rudduan

    hey guys/fellas from philippines...

    how famous are moy moy palaboy in your country???? u can find them in youtube......its kinda funny....
  15. rudduan

    Abbrevations / TERMS usually used at YAMAHA T135

    y-teq = yamaha technology