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    Nouvo Z Thailand?

    Hi brothers a friend of mine selling his nouvo z to me but he is the second owner and the first owner is his cousin ,anyways he told me that its thailand but the decals are all gone so i could not tell if it is infact thailand made,though his cousin told him that its not a local nouvo z.anyone...

    T135 Submerged: Help!

    No need to change your air filter as long as its dry already.better yet since you have taken it out might as well clean it too.

    T135 Submerged: Help!

    If the whole motor was submerged, it would be better and safer if you open your motor and carburator..as in general cleaning and oil change.....Its better to be safe than sorry.

    3s Gil Puyat Bad Experienced

    Wow and i thought its just gil puyat branch who has a problem with their service! So now its gil puyat,rodriguez and marikina!

    3s Gil Puyat Bad Experienced

    Kudos to 3s shop tambo branch just got my parts there this afternoon....great service hassle free! Hope my experience in gil puyat branch will reach the yamaha managers...they need alot of straightening to do there! Its just so sad that one of 3s shop sucks on their customer service. It will...

    3s Gil Puyat Bad Experienced

    Yup bro super sucks!

    3s Gil Puyat Bad Experienced

    Buy the way im not piss on the guy who tried to help me though he doesnt know whats he's doin atleast he accomodated and tried to help me. Im pissed with the other guy on the parts dept who seems didnt even bother to atleast look at me because he is on the computer( may be on facebook or busy...

    3s Gil Puyat Bad Experienced

    Hi guys just want to share my bad experience with 3s gil puyat branch regarding their services.i went there this afternoon around 4:30 to buy an oring for my carburator. I went straight to the parts dept. i asked the guy incharge there for the part to my surprised he just told me that they dont...

    Painting T135 Crank Case

    Yup powder coating is the best...though VHT hi temp can paint will work,you can get it at true value stores.
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    X1r Tail Light

    Item sold to peepooy thank you sir job.
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    X1r Tail Light

    Reserved for sir peepooy
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    Need Help Na-scam Ako

    Cidg ng police station na nakakasakop nun bank na kinukunan nya kausapin mo. Para ma puntahan muna yun bAnk at mag set ng entrapment.
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    My bike for all season

    Ganda ng mags..
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    Increase The Height Of T135 And Question About Raider's Gazi Shock Absober.

    Wow nice nouvo.Anyways regarding to your inquiry it would be better and simple if you buy a bracket like xander posted and if you cant find it in your local shop just have it made in a machineshop. Just bring the pic and your shocks they will facbricate that for you.